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Services and Most Common Procedures

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Laser surgery of one/two legs (varicose vein treatment) with 1mm cuts only
The procedure for one leg takes 25-30 minutes, for both 40-55 minutes. Laser goes into the veins and
thermally closes the veins by using laser energy. During this procedure the tissue around does not get
touched, and the scaring is very minimal, no cosmetic defects. There is no pain after the surgery. After the
surgery we encourage you to walk for about an hour. Compare to the lasers from previous generation, the
Biolitec Elves painless laser reduces the traumatism of the vascular surgery.
Special medical compression stockings after surgery, post operation control with sonography included in the


Sclerotherapy is the injection of a medication into a vein in order to bring about its disappearance. It works
by irritating the lining of the vein such that the vein seals shut, causing the vein to gradually dissolve over
several weeks.

Sclerotherapy takes about 15 minutes and can be used to treat “spider” veins, reticular and varicose veins.
Most people need a few treatments to obtain the best results. Treatments are generally done at about
monthly intervals. Compression stockings are usually worn several days after treatment.

After your vein treatment you will receive a guarantee letter for the procedure that have been performed.

You will also get a quality guarantee certificate for 1 year, for the laser surgery that was done.