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About the Doctors and Clinic

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The clinic has all latest machines, devices and equipment needed to conduct a comprehensive,
deep and qualitative studies related to venous disorders. This versatile equipment of the clinic allows its
professionals to put an accurate diagnosis and choose the best treatment strategy, taken for the treatment
of virtually any, even the most complex cases varicose veins. Founder of the clinic and the chief surgeon
is an internationally recognized expert in the treatment and diagnosis of venous diseases. He introduced
in Latvia the latest methods of treatment such as laser therapy, foamy sclerotherapy, vein treatment by
heated steam, etc. The Phlebology Centre is a recognized brand in the world of Phlebology, which allowed
to create a good cooperation with chief surgeons of Phlebology, for example, the president of the
World Society of Phlebology – Professor Eberhard Rabe (Germany), Vice-President of the World Society of
Phlebology Dr Felitsitoy Pannier (Germany) and many other.

Our Doctors and Clinic