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Riga, Latvia has become the new hotspot in the global health tourism industry

Riga, Latvia has become the new hotspot in the global health tourism industry with treatments and consultations available for around 50-60% less than in the UK. For example, a hip or knee operation will cost around £4,000 in Latvia, compared with the UK where it will typically cost around £8,000. Equally, the bill for a face lift in the UK could well be £6,000 plus but in Latvia it will be under £2,800. Private hospitals have modern medical equipment and experienced doctors/surgeons that speak several European languages. Patients requiring knee, hip or shoulder surgery and all types of orthopaedic operations are treated in Latvia along with very good value for money; highly professional surgeons with a very good attitude and quality of care, MRSA regulations are compliant with European regulations.

There are more reasons than ever for people to seek cheaper medical treatment overseas with recession now at full swing. Deloitte Center for Health Solutions is reporting increasing demand for cosmetic procedures with millions of Americans traveling overseas for their medical treatments.

Today, Latvia can offer a variety of medical procedures. While orthopaedic procedures are the most common, there are also tourists receiving plastic surgery, varicose vein treatments, dental care and other operations. A few years ago going to a different country or even continent for medical treatment was a scary concept. However, it is now a well established procedure.

The availability of top class treatment at substantial savings has resulted in the huge growth of medical tourism. The availability of cheap travel to Northern Europe coupled with the world class medical facilities there makes it a recommended choice.

Riga has got a great convenience to offer. Starting from personal service and western mentality to short direct flights from any part of Europe – Riga’s international airport makes it accessible with flights offered to over 70 destinations. Check out airBaltic and Ryanair for special flight deals to Riga.

Health & Beauty is a number one choice for medical treatment travel to Riga, Latvia – from flight and accommodation arrangements and basic doctor consultations to full service gastric bypass weight loss surgeries (laparoscopic banding bariatric surgery), dental care, plastic surgeries, orthopedic care and varicose vein treatments in the first class private elite clinics. Health & Beauty guarantees to get you the top qualified doctors in the Baltic States.