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About the Doctors and Clinic

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The team of doctors which consists of plastic surgeon and supporting medical members including anaesthesiologists and nurses are highly trained and practice safe plastic surgery. You will achieve the highest possible results after having done
you plastic surgery in this elite clinic in Riga!

The chief plastic surgeon graduated from Riga medical school in 1989.  Since that time he attended numerous different congresses and seminars. He is one of the most famous, experienced and successful plastic surgeons in the Baltic Region, with over 10 years of experience; he has performed thousands of different plastic surgeries.

As expected, I was very well taken care of. I felt safe and in the best hands!
Breast Implants, Marthe, Trondheim
Very impressed with the clinic and the staff. Went in for liposuction and everything was very professional and efficient. It takes a lot of guts to lay down on that table and go under general anesthesia with strangers. I feel I can completely trust the doctors and staff after this treatment. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their looks and health!
Thomas, Norway

Our Doctors and Clinic