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Sep 1

Medical Travel to Latvia – September Specials

Health & Beauty Travel Experts continues to offer professional medical treatments in Riga (Latvia) providing state-of-the-art diagnostics, treatment methodology and …

Aug 22

Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery in Riga, Latvia

Short registration notice for the surgery

Private clinics and hi-end equipment

Latest surgery technics

Experienced surgeons & support team

Gastric Bypass in Riga, Latvia

Request our Bariatric package now and …

Aug 21

Riga 810 – continues..

Stay tuned while Riga’s 810th anniversary celebration continues with events happening around the city.
1188 (Latvia’s Information Line) has developed a guidebook for mobile devices (can …

Aug 20

Riga’s 810th anniversary celebration

On Saturday and Sunday Riga is celebrating its 810th anniversary with games, workshops, concerts and many more family and tourist attractions.
Make sure you combine your …