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Services and Most Common Procedures

Hip Replacement Surgery

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Hip replacement surgery (also known by hip arthroplasty or total hip replacement (THR)) is the process of replacing a diseased or damaged hip joint with an artificial hip joint. This is one of the most common orthopaedic surgery treatments in case of severe arthritis damaged hip joint.

How is Total Hip Replacement done?

The surgeon removes the damaged cartilage and bone and then positions the new artificial surfaces to restore the alignment and function of your hip. Special surgical cement may be used to fill the gap.

Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is surgery for people with severe knee damage. Knee replacement can relieve pain and allow you to be more active. Your doctor may recommend it if you have knee pain and medicine and other treatments are not helping you anymore.

How is knee replacement done?

When you have a total knee replacement, the surgeon removes damaged cartilage and bone from the surface of your knee joint and replaces them with a man-made surface of metal and plastic. In a partial knee replacement, the surgeon only replaces one part of your knee joint.

Hip Resurfacing

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Hip resurfacing has been developed as a surgical alternative to total hip replacement. The potential advantages of hip resurfacing compared to Total Hip Replacement include less bone removal (bone preservation), a reduced chance of hip dislocation due to a relatively larger femoral head size (giving the patient an anatomically correct femoral head size), and easier revision surgery for any subsequent revision to a Total Hip Replacement device.

Atoroscopic surgery of the knee/shoulder

Patient arrives to Riga day before the surgery, and leaves next day.

Recovery after orthopaedic surgery.

The healing process will take about 8-12 weeks.  During this time, your ability to move your knee increase and the pain get better and better until you are pain free. Your Physical Therapist (PT) will help you gently bend and straighten your knee.  You will also learn simple exercises to help strengthen your leg muscles.  These exercises will get more intense as you progress.

It is very important that you see the need for exercising your knee and leg muscles and work diligently on your own, as well as with your PT to meet the goals of your surgery.  The time it takes you to get back to feeling yourself again varies from person to person.  The better your general health and nutrition, the sooner your recovery will be.  And the more you motivate yourself, the stronger your new knee will be.

All the surgeries are performed in an elite private hospital.
Early postoperative rehabilitation, consultation with a Physiotherapist is also advised after the surgery.

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