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We present you with 10 Time and Money Saving Tips in Medical Travel and Health Tourism as a whole

Q:Why do people want to get medical help abroad?

Cheaper prices. Higher quality. No waiting lists.

Q:How do I choose a doctor/surgeon?

By careful selection we have chosen several options for you , of the best doctors and supporting medical personal. You can read and verify their areas of expertise, experience and check other factors.

Q:Are hospitals accredited?

Our hospitals and doctors are accredited.

Q:Do doctors and personnel speak English?

All doctors/assistants speak English, and many speak other languages as well.

Q:Is it expensive to travel abroad for medical/dental treatment?

All the patients that choose, Riga as their medical health tourism destination enjoy low, affordable prices.

Q:How does follow up care work?

It’s important for patients to consider follow-up care when making medical travel arrangements and to have a discussion with the physician so you are prepared for after this procedure. You will be able to recover as much as needed here in Riga and travel back home when you are ready. After many procedures you can even return home next day! You can contact us to find out more about your chosen procedure.

Q:How can I decide if I can be a medical traveller?

If you have conditions that require medical help and your insurance does not cover it, or if you do not have a medical insurance – medical tourism is the right option for you!

Q:When considering Medical Travel, have you looked at Latvia?

Many travellers for cosmetic, dental, orthoapedic and other procedures are locating excellent facilities with top accreditation in Riga. For procedures like dental surgery this can be a dramatic saving without the time and expense of travelling to Asia, Thailand or Mexico.

Q:Why should I consider using a neutral service provider

Service providers (H&B) also known as facilitators can be a major factor in saving money in all aspects of your trip. The facilitators have extensive experience with the best facilities, qualifications of the doctors, travel requirements, visas, hotels, flights etc. By interviewing and utilizing their extensive knowledge they can assist in making good decisions and saving a lot of time, money and energy.

Q:The Multiple Procedure Advantage

One of the most unexpected, yet perfectly logical ways that medical travellers save money on is by booking a number of different procedures at once. Even if those procedures are of different specialties such as dental implants and weight loss surgery. In addition, discounts may be obtained if you and another person book at the same time – it’s the idea of booking multiple services that often nets the health traveller an extra discount.

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