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Basic Preventive Health Checkup 160 EUR
Whole Body Health Check Up 417 EUR
Preventive Heart Check Up 253 EUR
Gastroscopy with Histology 122 EUR
Colonoscopy with Histology 176 EUR


The Benefits of a Health Check Up

It is recommended to get a health check up at least once every three years. Often a disease has to display severe symptoms before a person starts to take notice of the fact that there is something wrong with their body and lots of times, after the diagnosis, the disease has already progressed beyond the developmental stages where it might have been easily treated. Also, many diseases sometime have no visible indication to be noticed, which in turn can go undetected with fatal consequences later. Even if you feel like you are perfectly healthy and fit, a health check up is a great preventive healthcare that could save you money and time, and later on even your life!