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Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery in Riga, Latvia

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Gastric Bypass in Riga, Latvia

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Obesity has become a huge health problem worldwide in the recent years. Nowadays more and more people find themselves horribly obese. The excess weight made the lives of many people difficult. Every day people try to defeat the obesity that causes many extra problems with the health. Diabetes and heart diseases are not the only ones to accompany extra kilos.

Latvia is one of the three Baltic countries where the gastric bypass surgery is performed. But in the recent years more people choose Latvia for proper obesity treatment. Why do many people choose Latvia for gastric bypass surgery?

The first reason is generally high level of medical service. Some surgeons are often invited to foreign countries to perform surgeries.

The second reason of such choice is the requirement of highly skilled experts for bariatric surgeries because this surgery needs great precision of the doctor. The competition in this industry is so high that only experienced and highly qualified doctors are hired to perform the gastric bypass in Riga. Otherwise, only one unsuccessful surgery can lead to the patients’ leaving the clinic. Accordingly, you can be sure that doctors will do their best performing bariatric surgery in Riga.

Riga – is the city that has gained the leading positions in gastric bypass in Latvia. The price required for bariatric surgery in Riga is twice lower than the same treatment in other European countries.

Due to the development of medicine our clinic is able to change your life in a few weeks. Health & Beauty Travel Experts offer the obesity treatment procedures in Riga. Our comfortable clinic and skilled experts’ team await you for gastric bypass in Riga, one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities of Europe. While making a decision on the clinic to book the gastric bypass in Latvia, take into account that flight companies offer many direct flights to Riga from every European capital. Accordingly, you have the opportunity to choose the most comfortable one.

Our clinic offers rooms equipped to make your visit to our clinic as comfortable as possible where you could recover after the surgery, the service of the most qualified doctors and incredibly affordable prices (no hidden charges). Just imagine your life after the gastric bypass. Your dream to deal with the excess weight problem will come true.

Make the first step on the way to the better life and your lifestyle improvement, choosing our clinic to perform the gastrisk bypass operasjon in Riga.

Taking care about our patients and trying to help more people, we have reduced the price to 6750 EUR for gastric bypass! Don’t waste your time because there is nothing more important than your health.

Contact us via telephone or email if you have any questions or a desire to book the bariatric surgery.

I have been considering bariatric surgery for several years, but recently I understood that it is “now or never”. I felt quite nervous about this step. When I started to talk to you guys and especially when I met my surgeon for the first time in Latvia, I started to feel more secure. Thanks G-d everything went very well. After 4 months I lost 25 kilos and feel much much younger.
Helena Boman
3 months ago I went to BeHealthyTravel for my Gastric Bypass surgery. Since then I lost 20 kilos. It is so great! Now, I feel I really start living…
Caroline Nilsson
I find it difficult to entrust my health to doctors I am not familiar with. However, I have been recommended by a friend of mine e really good surgeon at and I’ve made a decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery in Latvia. Attitude of the doctors and nurses was amazing. During first few months I lost 23 kilos… I feel fantastic and it cost me three times less than I would’ve paid for the same procedure in my country.
Ben Altman
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My life has completely changed. My fingers, which are typing these “thank yous” cannot for 100% express what I feel now. One year passed… I am looking in the mirror and see a young, beautiful and happy woman!!! I will always be grateful to all of you…
Emilie Mette
I would like to thank my doctor and the whole staff at the clinics for taking really good care of me. You have a nice clinics facilities, but more importantly is the atmosphere. I felt I was surrounded by friends.
Magnus Thorsheim

Our Doctors and Clinic