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Why should I choose BeHealthyTravel for my medical treatment abroad?
BeHealthyTravel have been the number one choice for many patients for medical, dental and surgical needs.  We will help you to make the best and well informed decision that meets your needs and can save you money in all aspects of your trip.

Why should I consider medical or surgical treatment in Latvia?
• Western mentality: worry free, no culture shock!
• Highly qualified doctors
• Affordable prices
• World class Facilities
• Latest Technology
• Direct Flights from any part of Europe

What is typical cost difference of medical treatments abroad?
Latvia is a very attractive destination for a medical tourist as treatments and consultations are available for around 50-60% less than for instance in the UK. For example, a hip or knee operation will cost around £4,000 in Latvia, compared with the UK where it will typically cost around £8,000. Equally, the bill for a face lift in the UK could well be £6,000 plus but in Latvia it will be under £2,800. Private hospitals have modern medical equipment and experienced doctors/surgeons thatspeak several European languages. Patients requiring knee, hip or shoulder surgery and all types of orthopaedic operations are treated in Latvia resulting in very good value for money; highly professional surgeons with a very good attitude and quality of care, MRSA regulations are compliant with European regulations.

Why is medical care so much cheaper in Latvia compared with UK, Sweden, Norway, and other European countries?
Education, taxes, utilities and salaries in Latvia are much lower than in other European countries, therefore the medical care costs are cheaper. And the standards are much higher than in countries like UK, Norway and many other countries.

I do not have any friends or relatives in Latvia. How will I cope with travel, accommodation, surgical procedure and rehabilitation?
We will be your guide and your liaison on your medical trip. You will be assisted by us as much as needed. We can arrange all accommodation after and before your hospital/clinic stay. If you should require rehabilitation all of that will be provided to you. During you stay in hospital a medical professional will assist you and help you rehabilitate.

How do I get to Latvia?
Latvia is located in the heart of Europe. There are direct cheap flights to Riga, Ferry, and busses.

Why should I trust Latvian doctors?
All doctors have been accredited and have licensed to Practice in the European Union.

What are the medical treatments and surgical procedures offered by Health and Beauty?
General Health check up, Dental Care, Orthopaedic surgeries, Laser eye Surgeries, Plastic surgeries, Varicose vein surgeries, Bariatric surgeries, Gastrointestinal procedures and Gynaecological procedures

What are payment methods accepted by BeHealthyTravel?
Pay Pal, Wire transfers, Cash, Credit cards.

Can I get in touch with the doctor prior to medical procedure?
Yes, every patient before coming to Riga will be able to speak to the performing doctor.

I have decided to get my medical procedure done in Latvia. What is my next step?
Contact us by mail, phone.

Who will look after me following my surgical procedure?
If you would like your spouse, relative or friend can join you on your trip, but we can offer you assistance from our side as well.

I cannot find the medical procedure I am interested in on your web site. What should I do?
E-mail us, and we will send you all required information.

I need help with my travel and hotel arrangements. Can you help me with this?
Yes, we can help you book the tickets; find you accommodation, and all transfers.

Are hospitals in Latvia well equipped?
All medical facilities and hospitals that have been carefully chosen for you have state of the art equipment and the latest world class technologies.

What about follow-up care after I return from my trip?
At BeHealthyTravel our goal is to ensure that your medical travel experience runs smoothly before, during and after your journey abroad. Once you return home, we are still at your service and will gladly do our best to make sure that your needs have been met at all times.