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We offer different kinds of eye treatment. Clinic equipped with all top of line equipment. Our doctors have performed more than 20 000 laser eye surgeries. With such extensive experience you can make sure that your treatment will be 100% satisfactory. We would like to introduce you to a leading eye care centre in the Baltic region. Doctors at the centre have over 20 years experience, they have performed thousands of successful surgeries, so our patients can acquire the new life without contact lenses or eye glasses. The multifunctional medical centre provides a full range of services that address all eye health problems. Here you can find help starting from typical eyeglass prescriptions to complicated eye surgery, including the pinnacle of ophthalmologylaser eye surgery, which gives freedom from spectacles or contact lenses.

Went to Behealthytravel eye clinic, for an exam, amazed… never saw such a high tech equipment.
Motti Gamliel