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Useful Tips for Patients

Before Surgery

You will need an initial evaluation by our doctor, he will determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Your initial exam will take about 2 hours: you are advised to take sunglasses with you. A special computer-based correction program is created individually for each patient.

This is what you need to know to prepare for the exam and what you should expect:

If you wear contact lenses, it is a good idea to stop wearing them before your first exam and start using your glasses. Contact lenses change the shape of your
cornea for up to several weeks after you have stopped using them, depending on the type of contact lenses you wear.

  • soft contact lenses, you should stop wearing them for 2 weeks before your initial evaluation.
  • toric soft lenses or rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, you should stop wearing them for at least 3 weeks before your initial evaluation.
  • hard lenses, you should stop wearing them for at least 4 weeks before your initial evaluation.

The day before surgery, you should stop using:

  • creams
  • lotions
  • makeup

These products as well as debris along the eyelashes may increase the risk of infection during and after surgery. Doctor may ask you to scrub your eyelashes
for a period of time before surgery to get rid of residues and debris along the lashes.

Also before procedure, transportation will be arranged for you to and from your surgery and your first follow-up visit. Our assistant will constantly be with you, to provide the best possible care.

During surgery

The surgery should take less than 30 minutes. You will lie on your back in a reclining chair in an exam room containing the laser system. The laser system
includes a large machine with a microscope attached to it and a computer screen. (animation of the laser eye surgery, LASIK method)

A numbing drop will be placed in your eye: the area around your eye will be cleaned.

The laser will be positioned over your eye and you will be asked to stare at a light. This is not the laser used to remove tissue from the cornea. This light is to
help you keep your eye fixed on one spot once the laser comes on

When your eye is in the correct position, your doctor will start the laser.

If the patient for some reason IS NOT A GOOD CANDIDATE for a laser eye surgery, IT DOES NOT MEAN that there is no way to reduce or eliminate the use of eyeglass dependence. Our clinic provides surgical alternatives of acquiring a clear vision – the implantation of phacic lenses (ICL or Implantable Contact Lenses). ICL’s are, in fact, a great opportunity for those who are not ideal candidates for LASIK.

During and After Surgery

Almost immediately after the operation the patient can find his vision significantly improved, although sometimes it takes a few hours for the vision to clear.
You may experience some discomfort, the doctor may suggest you take a mild pain reliever.

At your postoperative visit, next day, test your vision, and examine your eye. The doctor may give you one or more types of eye drops to take at home to help
prevent infection and/or inflammation.

You should wait one to three days following surgery before beginning any non-contact sports, depending on the amount of activity required, how you feel, and
your doctor’s instructions. Most patients are able to return to work within 24-48 hours.

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