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We are proud to say that the clinic has a long history. Founded in 1994 as a small consultation, we soon developed into a modern clinic that provides a full range of services connected with any eye health problems. Here you can find solutions ranging from customary spectacle prescription to complex eye surgery, including the latest technologies in eyesight correction – laser eye surgery that gives freedom from spectacles or contact lenses.

From the very beginning the best results for, and satisfactions of our clients were priorities of our work and we have been doing our best to achieve it. We organize regular training courses for our specialists; our doctors perform presentations in international scientific conferences and share the experience with colleagues from all over the world to provide our patients the latest technology, methods, and equipment that are available worldwide.

The most remarkable advantages of our Centre are:

  • Laser eye surgery since 1999 – the most experienced centre in the Baltic countries
  • Highly qualified specialists
  • Best technology and equipment from Alcon, Bausch&Lomb, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Geuder,
  • Topcon, etc.

  • Scientific work, participation in international conferences
  • Contacts with the largest medical centres worldwide
  • The most highly qualified experience in the region

We love our work, and it will be our pleasure to help you!

We are a multifunctional medical centre that provides a full range of services that address all eye health problems. Here you can find help starting from typical spectacle prescriptions to complicated eye surgery, including the pearl of ophthalmology – laser eye surgery, which gives freedom from spectacles or contact lenses.

…pioneers of laser eye surgery

The clinic is a pioneer of laser eye surgery in the Baltic countries. The first laser operation in the region was performed by our Professor and founder in 1999. To date, our specialists have performed more than 10 000 successful surgeries. All the newest technologies, such as aberrometrical, topographical, tissue-saving, wave-front LASIK and Femto-LASIK corrections are performed in our Centre.

…experience is our most valuable and unquestionable advantage

Today, we have many followers among our colleagues – doctors in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. While this is a wonderful acknowledgement of our work and our methodology, there is something unique in our Centre that distinguishes it from competitors.
… our experience is our most valuable and unquestionable advantage.

This experience helps us to achieve the maximum possible results in our work, even in the most complicated cases. The experience helps us to choose the best equipment available in medicine today, and we will always acquire that which becomes available in the future; being members of international scientific projects keeps us up to date in the latest technologies.


The results of our work, presented at international conferences are held in high esteem by the specialists from all over the world.

…Optimal results

We love our work and do our utmost to maintain our position of leadership – with the most experienced specialists, best equipment, and latest technologies; giving us cutting edge results in:

• Eye disease diagnostics

• Refractive surgery

• Treatment of glaucoma

• Microphaco and a wide range of intraocular lens cataract surgery options

• Diagnosis and treatment of keratoconus

• Medical and surgical treatment of the retina

• Vitreal surgery

• Child eye pathology treatments

It will be our pleasure to help you!

One of our clinic’s priorities is to provide the doctors with the equipment created by the most reliable and famous producers (Alcon, Bausch&Lomb, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Geuder, Topcon, etc.) available in the world. We are really proud of our possibility to diagnose the disease earlier than ever, which in turn leads to the best results of the treatment. Highly qualified doctors and up-to-date technologies guarantee the utmost success and a better life quality for the patient.


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