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Tooth Whitening and Bleaching

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Our smile is the part of our image. That’s why it’s very important to take a proper care of the teeth. Our teeth enamel lose its whiteness for many reasons – drinking too much tea or coffee, red wine, some soft drinks, or smoking. Other factors include the aging, the genetic reasons and the use of antibiotics.

Over the past 20-25 years the teeth whitening procedure has become very popular. This procedure was invented in America but since then it has spread all over the world.

Our teeth are covered with solid natural enamel – the first outer layer, which protects the tooth from the external influences. The natural tooth color depends on the layer called dentin. We put on your teeth a special professional gel containing hydrogen peroxide. This gel is activated by a special laser light and free radicals of hydrogen are formed. They quickly penetrate into the crystal lattice of dentin and its pigment is lightened.

The procedure of teeth bleaching takes only 45 minutes. The results are unbelievable, and you will see them right away. But the best results come 48 hours after the procedure. The results of the laser whitening of the teeth have a really lasting effect. The procedure shouldn’t be repeated more than once in 1.5-2 years.

We guarantee that laser procedure is very effective, absolutely painless, doesn’t harm your teeth and has no contraindications and complications.

The teeth are usually bleached before any prosthetic work is done. The reason is in the color. The fillings, crowns and veneers can’t be bleached and can differ from your teeth after this procedure. You may need your crowns and/or fillings to be redone after the whitening procedure. Our specialist will inform you if it’s necessary before the whitening of your teeth.

The tooth whitening benefits are clear. Your smile plays a great role in your appearance. Very often people suffer from the defects of their smiles. One of the most popular defects is the color of the teeth. The scientists have worked on the issue of making the tooth whitening procedure safe and painless. And they succeeded. This procedure gives you the opportunity to improve your appearance for long without paying much money. After the procedure you will feel more confident. You will be sure that your teeth are good-looking, and you could smile broadly without embarrassment.

The teeth whitening procedure is carefully worked out for almost 10 years. Thousands of patients all over the world tested it and were completely impressed with the results of the bleaching.

We guarantee that the laser whitening procedure is very effective, absolutely painless, doesn’t harm your teeth and has no contraindications and complications.

My second trip to Riga for my dental and beauty treatments, looking so much forward to that, great doctors, impeccable medical facilities!
Ania Giannotti
I had teeth bleaching at Behealthy dental. Very happy with the result.
Julija Bikova
Thanks for the treatment. Your doctor did excellent job. Hope to see you soon in August again.
Ina Kondratovsky
Very impressed with their facility and staff! Very professional and
state–of–the–art! I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their looks and health!
Thomas Muravez
I was very happy with the treatment done by Behealthy dental, cleaning and fillings were done painless and quickly. I was impressed with the equpment, which they have. Will definitely come back for my future dental needs.
Felix Paley
Every time I am in Riga I use your clinic for my healthcare needs. All doctors are great, see you guys soon!
Dana Nadav Datashvili Sofi

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