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Общая стоматология

Frame Left

  • Лечение корневого канала
  • Амальгамовые пломбы
  • Композитные пломбы
  • Художественная реставрация зубов
  • Наращивание поврежденных зубов
Периодонтальная стоматология

Frame Left

  • Глубокий десенный кюретаж
  • Десенная пластика
  • Лечение десенных карманов
  • Костная пластика
  • Восстановление костной ткани
  • Мембраны GTR
  • Шинирование зубов

Frame Left

  • Все виды коррекции прикуса
  • Протезы
  • Металлические брекеты
  • Керамические брекеты
  • Система обследование прикуса по методу К7

Frame Left

  • Все виды протезов
  • Металлокерамическая коронка
  • Металлокерамические мосты
  • Циркониевые коронки
  • Неметаллические коронки
  • Коронки на импланты
  • Адгезивные мосты
  • Накладки (керамические, циркониевые, металлические, золотые)
  • Вкладки (керамические, циркониевые, металлические, золотые)

Frame Left

  • Повторная обработка корневых каналов под микроскопом без хирургического вмешательства
  • Хирургическая обработка корневых каналов под микроскопом
  • Удаление инородных тел из корневого канала (пломбировочный цемент, пасты, гуттаперча, остатки волокон, вкладок, серебряных пломб, металлические болты, инструменты)
  • Отбеливание депульпированных зубов

Хирургия полости рта

Frame Left

  • Все виды вырывания зубов
  • Импланты
  • Процедуры синуслифтинга
  • Наращивание костной ткани
  • Костная пластика с использованием искусственной кости
  • Пересадка костной ткани
Здоровье и профилактика полости рта

Frame Left

  • Чистка зубов
  • Полировка зубов воздушной струей
  • Удаление пятен (от чая, кофе, табака)
  • Отбеливание зубов
My second trip to Riga for my dental and beauty treatments, looking so much forward to that, great doctors, impeccable medical facilities!
Ania Giannotti
I had teeth bleaching at Behealthy dental. Very happy with the result.
Julija Bikova
Thanks for the treatment. Your doctor did excellent job. Hope to see you soon in August again.
Ina Kondratovsky

Very impressed with their facility and staff! Very professional and

state–of–the–art! I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their looks and health!

Thomas Muravez
I was very happy with the treatment done by Behealthy dental, cleaning and fillings were done painless and quickly. I was impressed with the equpment, which they have. Will definitely come back for my future dental needs.
Felix Paley
Every time I am in Riga I use your clinic for my healthcare needs. All doctors are great, see you guys soon!
Dana Nadav Datashvili Sofi

Our Doctors and Clinic

Before and After

People with a beautiful smile are usually more successful and attractive. Since the smile has become the necessary part of the person’s image, dental care service has become popular. Everyone knows that bad breath and crooked teeth will never attract people. Furthermore, it can influence your business relations and self-esteem. But not everyone knows that bad breath is usually caused by the teeth disease. Therefore, it’s important to have a good dentist for proper dental treatment who can examine you and treat your dental problems. Every person should go for the regular dental check up at least twice a year to keep himself away from the dental problems.

Our clinic is located in the center of Riga. Dental care service is one of our major specializations. All the dentists in our clinics are highly qualified experts in their fields. People from all over the world come to our clinic to get proper dental care service. Why? Because we have careful, individual approach and high-tech technologies which are important factors in the battle for the successful results of every procedure.

Our clinic offers a wide range of dental services in the fields of general, orthodontic, periodontal, endodontic, prosthetic and oral surgery dentistry and also oral health and preventive dental care.

General dentistry includes consultation and your dental health examination. Your general dentist will use different methods, including x-rays and CAT scans, to determine the weaknesses of your dental health before treatment.

Periodontal dentistry is one of the sections of dentistry dealing with treatment and prevention of gum disease. According to the statistics gum disease occurs 86% of the adults and 30% of the children. Therefore, we attach importance to the treatment of this pathology type. The most common diseases are gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontal disease. The symptoms of the periodontal disease are inflammation, bleeding, bad breath, the teeth necks exposure, tooth mobility and the corresponding aesthetic impairment.

Orthodontic dentist will correct your bite and align your teeth.

Endodontic dentistry or root canal treatment is very significant part of the dental care service. This treatment relates to your inner health and is very important.

Prosthetic dentist will help our clients to get new teeth instead of lost and highly damaged teeth using world-best equipment and materials in order to achieve the best treatment results.

Oral health and preventive dental care experts will help you to keep your teeth healthy by developing the individual program of the preventive dental care for every client.

Dental care services are offered by many clinics in Riga but only our clinic has world class experts in every field. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.