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1. Follow smile workout two times per day. Brush, Floss, Rinse, and Scrape (or Brush) your tongue. 2. Drink fluoridated tap water or use a fluoride mouthwash to fight cavities. 3. Read the nutritional facts on packaged food/beverage labels: Pay special attention to the hidden sugar in your food and drinks to avoid cavities. 4. Need to rejuvenate your dull smile? Try teeth whitening! Bleach your teeth in just 1 hour with a in-office whitening system, a product that has been featured on TV shows. 5. Never say “My teeth are fine. I don’t need to see a dentist.” You can’t have a great smile without the help of your dental team. Although there are many tools available to maintain your smile in the comforts of your own home, but nothing will replace visiting dentist, get professional cleaning, and cavity check. Especially if you can save much more money than in your country. See our price list. Useful tips for a healthy smile!

  • It doesn’t take a million bucks to have a great smile!”
  • Today we have more affordable options than ever to care for our smiles.
  • Ignoring your smile today will indeed lead to costly dental problems tomorrow

Do you want to have a beautiful white smile? Dental symptoms affect the gums and teeth. They may include toothache, pain during chewing, sensitivity of the teeth, redness or swelling of the gums, tooth discoloration, receding or bleeding gums, worn-down teeth, chipped or broken teeth, and loose or lost teeth. Dental symptoms are most likely caused by tooth decay, infection, injury or inflammation; however, sometimes malnutrition, certain types of cancer, and/or inherited disorders can also cause these symptoms. Are you missing a single tooth or multiple teeth? Dental implants are the right way to go. They are the best and most natural looking way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants prevent deterioration of the bone that can take place with missing teeth and help maintain the integrity of the jawbone. It’s important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible for the full function of chewing and for a healthy, happy smile.

My second trip to Riga for my dental and beauty treatments, looking so much forward to that, great doctors, impeccable medical facilities!
Ania Giannotti
I had teeth bleaching at Behealthy dental. Very happy with the result.
Julija Bikova
Thanks for the treatment. Your doctor did excellent job. Hope to see you soon in August again.
Ina Kondratovsky
Very impressed with their facility and staff! Very professional and
state–of–the–art! I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their looks and health!
Thomas Muravez
I was very happy with the treatment done by Behealthy dental, cleaning and fillings were done painless and quickly. I was impressed with the equpment, which they have. Will definitely come back for my future dental needs.
Felix Paley
Every time I am in Riga I use your clinic for my healthcare needs. All doctors are great, see you guys soon!
Dana Nadav Datashvili Sofi

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Natural or acquired defects of the oral cavity can seriously complicate the life of any person. A bright smile is a necessary tool in the work. Some people do not feel confident, remembering the shortcomings of their appearance. The dental implants are the new opportunities for everyone.

Many people suffer from the mission of one or multiple teeth, having worn-down, chipped or broken teeth. But there is no reason to suffer any more.

Implants are one of the most convenient and effective ways to improve the appearance. They will make you broadly smiling without embarrassment. Our professionals are always ready to solve any problem related to the dentition defects.

Dental implant is made of the material which is durable enough to replace the natural tissue. Its installation does not damage the healthy tissue, restores the natural processes function and restores the original form of the dentition.

A tooth implant is also known as an artificial root and consists of two parts: the crown and root. Titanium is usually used as a material for a tooth implant. It provides maximum stability due to the biocompatibility with the tissue. An implant is placed on the remoted root location. Then the period of osseointegration occurs. After that the crown of the necessary color and shape is set on the top.

The installation of the dental implant involves the restoration of the crown and root tissues. The latter is particularly important for the health of the patient, because, in this case, the risk of jawbone tissue atrophy disappears.

A implant installation takes about one hour. The surgery is performed with the use of the local anesthesia. There is much less pain than during the tooth removal. The recovering period lasts from 2 to 6 month. The term of recovering primary depends on the patient’s health.

Teeth implants were developed for full restoration of the tooth. The average implant’s life cycle is 25 years. The tooth decay will never threaten the tooth implant, and it is rather difficult to break the crown. Paying attention to these facts you can be sure in their durability. If you want to extend the life of the implant don’t forget about the oral hygiene, including the dentist’s check up two times per year.

Dental implants will make your smile beautiful and natural. And you will forget about your problem forever.