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The package includes:

• Transfers Airport – Hotel – Hospital: Our representative will meet you at the airport and handle all your transportation to hotel, Hospital and back to the airport. Our staff will arrange interesting excursions in the city for you and your companions if you want to tour our stunning city.

• Four Days in the Hospital: Although, most western hospitals discharge the patients after the bariatric surgery after only 1-2 nights, we believe that 2 days period is too short for the proper recovering from the bariatric surgery. We believe that a couple of extra days allow doctor to ensure in the success of the surgery and the recovering process. A couple extra days allow the doctor to observe the patient’s condition properly to minimise risks.

• Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve surgery: The price includes all the supplies, medications and fees for the surgical and nursing team and anesthesiologist. The procedure is performed in the morning usually the next day after the pre-operation testing. Our package’s price covers all the fees; you won’t need to pay any extra money in Riga.

• Pre and Post-Operation Tests and Recovery: Most pre-operation and all post-operation tests, the diagnostic reviews and examinations are included, as well as all your surgeon and anesthesiologist consultations. We pay a lot of attention to the testing because the results of the examination can greatly influence the results of the surgery. We do everything to avoid any complications and make the recovering process as rapid and safe as possible.

• Rehabilitation and Dietary Plan: Our doctor will provide you with proper consultation on your recovering process. You will get all the necessary instructions on how to achieve your long term weight loss goals. If you want to extend your stay in our city, additional programs will be available at a spa hotel located nearby which is designed to improve the weight loss patients’ recovering process.

• Aftercare Support: We take care about our patients up to 3 years after the bariatric surgery. We can ensure you that our support continues when you return back home with you nutrition and dietary plan. You also will be able to use our online consultation service. In our clinic everything is intended to help your rapid recovering and meet your needs in comfort and support of the experts.

I have been considering bariatric surgery for several years, but recently I understood that it is “now or never”. I felt quite nervous about this step. When I started to talk to you guys and especially when I met my surgeon for the first time in Latvia, I started to feel more secure. Thanks G-d everything went very well. After 4 months I lost 25 kilos and feel much much younger.
Helena Boman
3 months ago I went to BeHealthyTravel for my Gastric Bypass surgery. Since then I lost 20 kilos. It is so great! Now, I feel I really start living…
Caroline Nilsson
I find it difficult to entrust my health to doctors I am not familiar with. However, I have been recommended by a friend of mine e really good surgeon at and I’ve made a decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery in Latvia. Attitude of the doctors and nurses was amazing. During first few months I lost 23 kilos… I feel fantastic and it cost me three times less than I would’ve paid for the same procedure in my country.
Ben Altman
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My life has completely changed. My fingers, which are typing these “thank yous” cannot for 100% express what I feel now. One year passed… I am looking in the mirror and see a young, beautiful and happy woman!!! I will always be grateful to all of you…
Emilie Mette
I would like to thank my doctor and the whole staff at the clinics for taking really good care of me. You have a nice clinics facilities, but more importantly is the atmosphere. I felt I was surrounded by friends.
Magnus Thorsheim

Our Doctors and Clinic