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Useful Tips for Patients

Weight loss surgery involves many tiny details, the following information will make your pre/post operative time go easier and smother.

1. Be sure to tell your surgeon about any medications you are taking or plan to take throughout recovery. Vitamins, minerals and herbs can also interact with medications, so tell your surgeon about them as well. After surgery, your stomach or the outlet of your new stomach will be smaller. Pills may irritate your new stomach pouch and cause nausea or pain, so you may be asked to crush your tablets for several weeks. You should check with your surgeon about which pills to crush and for how long. Some medications can’t be crushed because they are “sustained release” and may need to be changed to a non-sustained release form.

2. Tell your surgeon about any anaesthesia complications that you or a family member has experienced. For example, some people may inhale food or liquids into their lungs as a result of the suppression of the normal throat reflexes that general anaesthesia can cause. This is one of the reasons your surgeon will tell you to avoid eating and drinking within a certain period of time before surgery.

3. Ideally stop smoking 2 weeks prior surgery or if that is a really big challenge for you, then don’t try to stop a fews days before, but just smoke as usual up untill the surgery.
If your BMI is higher than 50, try to lose about 10 kg before the surgery.

Simple ideas during your recovery phase:
1. Eat 5-6 very small meals a day and try to drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. At first, this is going to be a challenge, but it will get easier with time. Your “new” stomach can handle 1/2 cup of food or drink at a time:
Once you are able to start eating food again, your diet should consist of mainly eggs, fish and low-fat meats.

2. You need to avoid sugary foods like cakes, candies, and cookies. Also, avoid high-fibre foods since they are bulky and could obstruct your stomach.

Fat and sugar are going to give you your biggest problem. You should not have more than ten grams of sugar at any meal and your fat intake should be about 8 grams.

3. Exercise is very important. Start out slowly with moderate aerobic exercise and then add your strength training later.

Follow these tips after your bariatric surgery so you will recover more quickly and feel better faster.You will be given a detail postoperative food intake and guide, designed especially to fit your needs.

I have been considering bariatric surgery for several years, but recently I understood that it is “now or never”. I felt quite nervous about this step. When I started to talk to you guys and especially when I met my surgeon for the first time in Latvia, I started to feel more secure. Thanks G-d everything went very well. After 4 months I lost 25 kilos and feel much much younger.
Helena Boman
3 months ago I went to BeHealthyTravel for my Gastric Bypass surgery. Since then I lost 20 kilos. It is so great! Now, I feel I really start living…
Caroline Nilsson
I find it difficult to entrust my health to doctors I am not familiar with. However, I have been recommended by a friend of mine e really good surgeon at and I’ve made a decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery in Latvia. Attitude of the doctors and nurses was amazing. During first few months I lost 23 kilos… I feel fantastic and it cost me three times less than I would’ve paid for the same procedure in my country.
Ben Altman
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My life has completely changed. My fingers, which are typing these “thank yous” cannot for 100% express what I feel now. One year passed… I am looking in the mirror and see a young, beautiful and happy woman!!! I will always be grateful to all of you…
Emilie Mette
I would like to thank my doctor and the whole staff at the clinics for taking really good care of me. You have a nice clinics facilities, but more importantly is the atmosphere. I felt I was surrounded by friends.
Magnus Thorsheim

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