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Gastric Bypass Operasjon and Dentist Care in Riga, Latvia


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What our patients have to say about us:

I find it difficult to entrust my health to doctors I am not familiar with. However, I have been recommended by a friend of mine a really good surgeon at and I've made a decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery in Latvia. Attitude of the doctors and nurses was amazing. During first few months I lost 23 kilos... I feel fantastic and it cost me three times less than I would've paid for the same procedure in my country.
Ben Altman
I have been considering bariatric surgery for several years, but recently I understood that it is "now or never". I felt quite nervous about this step. When I started to talk to you guys and especially when I met my surgeon for the first time in Latvia, I started to feel more secure. Thanks G-d everything went very well. After 4 months I lost 25 kilos and feel much much younger.
Helena Boman
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My life has completely changed. My fingers, which are typing these "thank yous" cannot for 100% express what I feel now. One year passed... I am looking in the mirror and see a young, beautiful and happy woman!!! I will always be grateful to all of you...
Emilie Mette
I would like to thank my doctor and the whole staff at the clinics for taking really good care of me. You have a nice clinics facilities, but more importantly is the atmosphere. I felt I was surrounded by friends.
Magnus Thorsheim
If you’re offered something a lot cheaper there should be a catch somewhere, right? I was almost certain that medics who offer their services for a lower price have lower qualification and poor attitude towards patients. Well, this time I was glad to be wrong. Medical services in US are simply overpriced and we’re paying a lot to support our inefficient institutions. Naturally, smaller countries like Latvia have a lot less of these institutions. Thanks to BeHealthyTravel I’ve managed to increase my breast size and gain more confidence in life. On the other hand, now I need new clothes.
Jessica, Account Manager, USA
Last year I fell head over heels in love and before I knew it we decided to get married. I really wanted to look special for him on this day, but I had so little time and even less money. My friends presented me a 1.800 EUR BeHealthyTravel treatment coupon as a wedding gift!! All of my friends were amazed to see how much I have changed. Ain’t it awesome!? And it only took me 3 days.
Johanna Fuerst, Accountant @ Aldi Supermarkets , Germany
It’s quite amazing, really. All it took me is to allocate a day to catch a plane and to get a treatment. The rest of the trip was effortless on my behalf. Just an hour after arriving at Riga airport I was sitting in a dentist chair. The procedure went smoothly and it was pretty much painless. After the procedure I’ve managed to visit a fantastic Art Nuevo museum and on the same evening I was already back in Sweden. Getting the treatment in Latvia saved me about 1500 Euros.
Brigita Enckell, Financial Consultant @ Citibank, Sweden

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Our Doctors and Clinics (Gastric Bypass, Dentist Care, Plastic Surgery and other in Riga)

Our clinic is located in the center of Riga. We have an experienced team of doctors and use high tech equipment to meet our patient’s needs. We provide a wide range of services on plastic, bariatric and eye surgery and dental and orthopedic care.
We are particularly proud of our experts in gastric bypass operasjon. This procedure is intended to the weight loss if the problem of excess weight can’t be solved in any other way. The bypass operasjon is advised to the people who have dangerous diseases caused by obesity.
The procedure of gastric bypass is rather difficult and can lead to the dangerous complications without proper observation. Our clinic is known for a number of successful operations. The statistics shows that we have the highest success rating in the performance of the gastric bypass. The results are remarkable due to the work of the two best surgeons of the Baltic region in our clinic.
Our doctors have many years of the continuous practice in this field and are highly qualified. They are often invited to perform bypass operasjon abroad. Our doctors often visit the conferences on this important topic to be informed about all the innovations in this field.
We offer the bariatric package which includes gastric bypass operasjon and all the necessary procedures and fees for these procedures. You don’t need to worry about any hidden charges. If you pay once for the whole package, you can feel safe. You will be carefully examined by pre-operation tests and then operated.
Dental care is also one of the most popular services in our clinic. We offer the dental services of all kinds and solve the problems related to your smile and oral health. This aspect is very important in our everyday life because our smile plays a great role in our self-esteem and in the people’s attitude towards us.
Many people all over Europe have already tested the dental service in Riga. Many medical tourism followers are attracted by Latvia because of the low prices and highly qualified dentists of Riga.
Our clinic, being one of the leading clinics in Riga, offers a wide range of dental care services performed by the best dentists of Riga. Moreover, our prices are more than affordable. Every branch of dentistry in our clinics is presented by a skilled and experienced doctor. Our clinic provides the high-tech equipment to every our doctor to help him to achieve the best results in our patients’ treatment. Every day we get good references from our satisfied patients. We are extremely proud of the work of every our specialist. We are happy that we can turn the dreams about perfect smile of many people into reality.